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Standing in Difficult Music

Difficult Music by Melissa Tuckey  We sleep with intention We close our eyes and what enters the dark place that is the body begins repair Like paper from lint we carry in pockets we open cautiously one to the other accordion of dust on the air The violins of sleep play through us We tunnel through houses open doors looking for whatever it is we lost in daylight River's flashing current Body's bright mill turning grain to dust ~From Tenuous Chapel , ABZ Press, 2013 Difficult Music. Could this be the title to the theme song for my life? That's melodramatic, I know, but nonetheless, this title pulled me in and the first stanza sucked me into its beautiful whirlpool. I'm already willing to drown in this "dark place" so I can be healed. That I can sleep with intention and trust what enters the dark place that is the body so it can begin to repair, well, that good news is a salve to my spirit.  No, this isn't a proper b