Astrotherapy (Astrology + Psychotherapy)
Our ancestors in many cultures used astrology to study life cycles from the symbols in the sky. Today astrologers still study the planets to learn when it’s best to be active or quiet, and to better understand our life purpose.

I have studied astrology for 25 years and as a licensed psychotherapist, I enjoy bringing a healing approach to my sessions.

Many indigenous peoples used astrology as a tool to help others find spiritual direction, as did 20th century psychologist Carl Jung. It is through this inspiration, and the inspiration of my many mentors, that I offer astrological psychotherapy.

I especially enjoy working with creative artists of all kinds, and as a poet and writer, I offer a 10% discount ($135 instead of $150) on readings for writers and creative artists. I'm happy to respond to your email or call to talk about working together.

Individual Astrotherapy
An astrotherapy session focuses on your birth chart, which is your individual blue print coming into this life. We discuss your personality traits, strengths, challenges, and life purpose, and integrate these things into how you can heal and create change in the present.

We also discuss the upcoming cycles you'll experience over the next six to twelve months, and how you can use those cycles. The overall goal is to help you find self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and validation through learning about your chart.

After your first session, subsequent sessions further uncover the beauty and wisdom of your birth chart, and use your chart as a guiding force for healing and moving forward.

Astrology is a science and an art, and I use my intuitive and therapeutic skills, along with my astrological skills, when I offer a session.

60 minute individual astrological therapy session: $150
To arrange a session, please email me and wait for a response, usually within 24 hours. Then you'll visit or to send a payment to

Your birth date, birth place, and exact time of birth will be requested when you schedule your session.

Sessions are available by phone, Skype or WhatsApp (for international calls).
Call 202.210.9412.

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