Astrotherapy (Astrology + Psychotherapy)
Our ancestors in many cultures used astrology to study life cycles from from patterns in the sky. Today astrologers still study the planets to learn how to use current energy and better understand our life purpose.

I've studied astrology for 25 years and as a licensed somatic psychotherapist with trauma and addiction experience, I bring a healing approach to my sessions. I blend my astrological, somatic psychotherapy, coaching and intuitive skills, all honed over many years, to support you in following your personal North Star.

I'm happy to talk with you about working together.

Individual Astrotherapy
An astrotherapy session uses your birth chart for guidance, which is your individual blue print coming into this lifetime. We discuss your personality traits, strengths, challenges, and life purpose, and integrate them into how you can heal and create change in the present.

We also discuss upcoming cycles and how you can best use them for any area of your life.

Each session includes my skills as an intuitive and somatic psychotherapist to work on ways you can use your mind and body to create lasting change. 

I provide a series of sessions for your ongoing healing and growth, or you can choose a one-time session.

Scheduling Support
Sessions are currently scheduled for Fridays. Some Saturday slots are, at times, available. Your birth date, birth place, and exact time of birth will be requested when you schedule your session.

Sessions are available by Zoom (video and audio calls that are recorded for your convenience) or phone, depending on your preference. 

Current Session Options 
45 minute Focus-In Session--$166
60 minute Full Session--$207
90 minute Go DEEP Session--$289

Please let me know how I can support you.

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