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Love in a Time of Neglect

Written on July 22, 2014, this piece still resonates, so I'm sharing it, sadly.........

Love has been dug out of the ground and all that remains is a deep, dry well that I can't climb out of during these days of hatred and neglect of child refugees. I don't know how to sit in this painful present moment. This moment being a time when children are callously ignored or turned away, sent back to a country where they will be raped, tortured, or killed--or all of those things. And the adults responsible, who have the luxury of being just far enough away from these children not to witness the life and death decisions they make, have discarded their own humanity.

A deep, dry well empty of its love and compassion is what I see at the U.S.-Mexico border, and in the cities and towns where Americans dare to bring needy children who have crossed that arbitrary line seeking refuge and safety. That line that is supposed to keep away the brown people who continually suffer at the hands of…

Why I Write Today

I come home singing with the last night
and the first morning star
~Natalie Goldberg, from her poem Top of My Lungs

This morning I ask myself why I still write poems and if it's worth the time. But I know that poetry is part of my story. Words inside my lungs, part of the millions of alveoli. I breathe in words, and exhale them in sentences cottoned together as clouds that don't need to be explained. Someone will gaze at the clouds I breathe out and feel enveloped. Sending out poems to get published is one of the stumbling blocks of my life. Other poets have persistence but I peter out, return to myself and leave the breathing words in my notebook. Finished, unfinished, asleep, poems dreaming of attention. In 5th grade I wrote a Christmas poem at the behest of our teacher, desperate to make the lines rhyme and be chosen for publication in our 2-page school newspaper. No, I didn't win that one heroic spot of words typed and read aloud in class. It wasn't me. I was left dying…